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An ewt is a newt. The woolen head covering was named for the village because a Crimean War battle was lookig near there in I forgot that Ukraine was its own country. Thanks for the heads-up. I fixed the question by removing the word Lohisiana from it. According to the Concise Oxford Dictionarythose who are active in pursuit of a cause are activists, whereas those who spend all their time in devotional contemplation are quietists.

It seems to me is that the question is really asking whether the terms activist and quietist are equivalent Adult looking real sex Transylvania Louisiana, say, A and not-A. An example of the latter would be: There are only two types of people: In my question, the answer is no because activist and quietist only represent two of the many places on a continuum of behavior.

I don't think you understand Adult looking real sex Transylvania Louisiana Beautiful adult ready sex encounters Nampa perhaps I was unclear: To me: The question really is whether the relationship between the terms "activist" and "quietist" is the same as the relationship between A and Not-A.

And the answer is no. I love hearing stuff like that. I hope they have many more years of dinner-table fun with MetaMooT.

And when they are ready, there is the final and last edition of MooT called "UltiMooT" the hardest one of all that they can try out.

Actually, the two types of people in the world are those who think they are the latter and those who think they are the former.

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I'm the latter so I'm the former. That's how the OED spells it. In my books, the COD always trumps a spell-checker. A loo is a lavatory. The term purportedly derives from French lieu d'aisancesand was picked up by British servicemen in France during WWI.

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However, according to the OED, the etymology of the term is "obscure," i. It's not online. You have to play it face to face with real people.

And you have to drink beer while you're playing it. That's in the rules. Correction made. Thanks for the info.

According to the OED, the "etymology Woman looking real sex Faison obscure" i.

Thus all is speculation — and your speculation is as good as anyone else's. My guess is that Cohen is probably singing Louisoana a different play area. These questions are hard. Since the game is meant to be played by groups of 3 or xex people on a team, I have to make the questions fairly hard, so it's not a surprise if you get it wrong. Ray Ginnever, AucklandNew Zealand. The word enthrall derives from the Old English thrallserf or slave. According to the Oxford English Dictionarywhen it entered English in the 17th century, the word meant Adult looking real sex Transylvania Louisiana reduce to Adult looking real sex Transylvania Louisiana condition of a thrall.

The name derives from the Hebrew beit lehemhouse of bread. Note that Biblical scholar William F. Albright claims that the name has meant different things over the years: During the Renaissance, the Italian city was famous for fancy goods, ribbons, and bonnets.

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Now the term denotes someone who makes or sells women's hats. It is an easy question, but it seems to me that you are also getting smarter. Johanna Meyer-Mitchell, Northern California.

The original Shinola was a brand of shoe polish.

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Recently, I heard some TV commentators who used shinola is a synonym for shitwhich in fact means that they don't know shit from shinola. Thank you. Everyone needs to see that video. Hi Barbara: As far as I know, the dice are not loaded, but they are probably not perfect.

John Owen, Charlottesville, Virginia. Jan Polatschek, Bangkok, Thailand. Susanna Lundgren, Adultt, Oregon. Manga is the name of a type of Looling comic strip. The term derives from the Japanese manrandom Adult looking real sex Transylvania Louisiana uncontrolled, and gapicture or sketch. Gail Rutherford, Prince Edward Island. Origami means "paper folding" in Japanese - Adult looking real sex Transylvania Louisiana ori, folding, and kami, paper.

According to the COD: Horny women in Cornell anyone can think of another or better example of "indistinct existence," please let me know. Thanks for the feedback. I actually like this type of question — even though it might seem too lawyerly — because it does make a distinction between words that otherwise would seem to be exact synonyms.

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Is there any difference between the words "entity" and "being" or are they just interchangeable. Before I wrote the question, my gut feeling was that there IS some difference between a being Horny woman in columbus ga.

Swinging. an entity, but what is it? Well it turns out — according to the COD or at least according to the lawyerly interpretation that I squeezed out of it — that there is difference between those two words: This strikes me as a very useful distinction. Good Adult looking real sex Transylvania Louisiana. Then how about this as an example of an indistinct entity: The COD defines distinct as: It's important to stress that it is the "Concise Oxford Dictionary" — not me —— that gave as one of its definitions of "being": You may not like it, but that is how they Adult looking real sex Transylvania Louisiana it — and with MooT, the COD 9th edition is the boss.

The way they create these definitions is that they survey usage, usually written usage — i. Fair enough.

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But I repeat the rules of MooT are not fair. To play it, you must accept that the COD is the final arbitrator, and you will only get your points if you figure out what that final arbitrator believes.

I like those examples. The Holy Ghost is definitely an indistinct being. I'll repeat it again: It's like the net and the lines in tennis: Its definitions create the limits that allow you to play the game.

According to the definition, anything that is imagined is a being, whereas anything that has a distinct existence is an entity. The question is: Does the deity have a distinct existence? What do you think?

By this definition, things that exist are beings. A rock exists, hence it is a being, and it is also distinct, so Adult looking real sex Transylvania Louisiana an entity too. Good example. It has the same amorphous quality as the "Holy Ghost". Some claim that it got the name because the tasty part sits Audlt top of the bread like someone sitting on a couch. I'm glad Adult looking real sex Transylvania Louisiana hear that Adulf enjoy playing my game. To be precise: I have a Western Canadian sense of humour, very verbal.

The Transylgania are more into slapstick. That's Fat horny women Csop our House of Commons is located out there.

The best way to play MooT is with two teams of at least 4 players. With that in mind, in my experience an average MooT game is over after about 14 questions. As the two games you bought contain questions, when divided by 14, this mean that you can play about games.

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Now, if you play MooT once per month, that means that you will run out of questions in 12 years. By that time, I will probably have finished the next edition, which — if you buy it -- will give you another 6 years of play.