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Any new dads out there

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Don't let the sport coat fool you -- Simon Isaacs is ready for the playground. He's with his two-year-old daughter Htere, selling imaginary tacos. And while Simon's afternoon with her may not look like much, certainly Any new dads out there more than what many moms do every day, the year-old entrepreneur sees it as a small act of revolution.

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Dokoupil asked, "When you talk about a social movement, are we witnessing it right here? Two guys on a weekday in a playground? Isaacs' other "baby" is a website. He's kut of Fatherlya compendium of practical parenting advice aimed at America's biggest group of new dads: Isaacs says today's Any new dads out there dads are different.

To all the dads out there… |

Nearly two-thirds of households with kids have two working spouses, and as women have pushed into the workforce, dads have pushed onto the playground. Or at least they've tried to. Even Simon Isaacs' wife, Liza, can relate.

Trying to find that perfect equation generally means a lot more work at home for dads -- and advertisers have noticed, hailing dads as everyday heroes:. It's a portrayal of dad that's a little different from what we're used to.

For a long time, father didn't know best. But real dads have come a very long way sincewhen President Lyndon Johnson set aside the third Sunday in June for Father's Day, emphasizing dad's "strength and stability.

Uncommon Parenting Tips for New Dads - The Thrifty Dad

That was an unusual father," he said. We know now kids that get time and attention from their fathers do better in school, on the job, dars in their own relationships -- that's according to Any new dads out there that barely existed a generation ago.

It was all on mothers.

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One current study: Its "Dads Matter" program is part play-date, part-workshop for men struggling with the new equation of fatherhood … fathers like high school teacher Garcia Dalzon. And though they still trail moms, fathers have nearly tripled the time they spend with their kids.

ReachOut Parents - Know any new Dads? - Parents forum

David Anchundia works nights, and then takes care of his daughter during the day. As an exercise, the guys try to imagine what their children will say about them in 20 years.

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Said Anchundia: That I made time for her. Of course, twenty years is a long time. So if you're lucky enough to have your dad around, whatever his age, now might be the moment sads make some time for him.

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Tony Dokoupil takes a Father's Day look at a new generation of devoted Ouh CBS News Isaacs' other "baby" is a website. The New Dad: CBSN Live watch.

Cuba begins widespread rationing due to shortages. Former defense secretary: Play Video.

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