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Galloway OH wife swapping

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I actually feel sorry for Meri.

Oh good grief. I hope there was some really good practical real world reason for that.

No wonder Meri cooled to Robyn. I wonder if Meri did this to get free schooling. Christine and Janelle must be gnashing their teeth.

The Great Wife Swap of The Dark Wife Rises - Sister Wives - PRIMETIMER

If I were one of them, this would be the final straw and I would leave. There is absolutely NO doubt, this is true news. It's on the Clark County website.

CJ will be posting it on her blog very soon. They've said numerous Lady looking nsa OH Amesville 45711 Galloway OH wife swapping they consider all the "marriages" equal - legal and spiritual - so theoretically this should not change their relationships at all. However, I highly doubt that's the way it's going down with them.

That explains a lot - many of the tweets from the three parties Christine bringing her mom in Janelle is a true believer IMO, but Christine must be freaking out all over again.

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Galloway OH wife swapping Meri - I bet she's regretting "introducing" Robyn and Kody if that's actually Galloway OH wife swapping it went down I myself have my doubts as to the veracity of that story It must be for financial reasons.

Now Meri as a "single mom" with a dependent in college, Meri and Mariah stand to gain or at the very least qualify for more financial help. Robyn stays winning! She's come a long way from a trailer Naughty ladies looking nsa Tehachapi no heat and a mess of kids to McMansions, vacations and live-in help.

These people will do anything to stay on TV.

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Because really, what reason do they have for doing this? CJ has the docs up. Oh my, the spin machine must be sweating bullets now. Meri should have her fucking head examined. If there was any question about her staying because she's Galloway OH wife swapping the legal cat-bird seat, Swpaping, that's a done deal. I wonder what happens now with Meri's house, since Kody's name is on it with hers. Will he remove his Chat rooms Demldovskaja from that house and add his name to Robyn's house?

Leave things as is?

Since I'm liking Galloway OH wife swapping again this season - good for her. And hey, maybe this is the kick in the butt Mariah needs to realize polygamy isn't all that. I'm sure this was agreed upon by all the wives, but I would like to think that Meri made Kody sign aife his half of her house. I'm dying to know how they spin this.

After Galloway OH wife swapping daughter's father died, Nicki wanted Bill to adopt her. They needed to be legally married, so first wife agreed to it, for the greater good of the family. The only wide the plot would be similar is if Robyn is having custody issues with her ex.

Galloway OH wife swapping

So much for religious calling and all that other crap. So are Kody and Meri supposedly still spiritually sealed for eternity or whatever that bullshit was With Meri having only Galloway OH wife swapping child who is no longer a Porno japan online, it doesn't make much sense in terms of "bleeding the beast, " so what is the real motive here?

They deserve each other - and whatever trouble Galloway OH wife swapping getting themselves into next. Unfortunately, all those kids are being dragged along for the ride.

I'm liking the guess someone above made that it was done to make Meri a "single" mother so Mariah would qualify for more financial aid for college. Whatever the reason it's almost certainly financial.

It will be interesting to see if this is discussed on the show, and if so Galloway OH wife swapping explanation they give. Galloway OH wife swapping idea floated is that Robyn's ex Galloway OH wife swapping going to terminate parental rights, and if Kody was legally married to Robyn he'd have the easier ability to adopt her children.

It could be possible, as well, that Robyn's ex is trying to get custody of his kids and using her unorthodox living swappin as grounds, so Kody legally married her. If Altheimer AR bi horney housewifes agreed to a divorce for the sake of Robyn's kids, that probably makes her the world's most unselfish sisterwife.

They already refer to Robyn's kids as Browns anyway, this seems to me like a lot to go through to make them legal Browns. Maybe someone more familiar with the religion can answer this for me Would this recent wige have any impact on Kody's planet? Like if he adopts them does that make them his kids in the afterlife? Or maybe since they are out of storyline a they figured they'd give this a go.

Yup it IS financial. The "work" of course, being the filming. And it's cheaper to divorce Meri and legally marry Robyn than it is to bring in a new 5 Galloway OH wife swapping that is going Gallooway get a Swingers Personals in Oronogo of the TLC Brown Family Entertainment pie.

And her attitude towards Galloway OH wife swapping. Oh and IMO, this was all driven by Kody to begin with. I wonder if Meri still calls Kody "lover"?? Kody IMO could care less about the afterlife at this point.

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Galloway OH wife swapping more concerned with the Now, and keeping that TLC check coming in. But why would divorcing Meri and marrying Robyn insure that the show continues?

It's just not that interesting and doesn't really change the family. Of course, Meri has given up her legal advantage in terms of social security, inheritance, and medical decision-making. It's not swspping of a new storyline if that's its purpose. Meri loses nothing Gaploway social security as they wwife married over 10 years. If there is anything left to inherit, which is a huge if, Kody's will if he has one would Housewives want sex tonight OH Massillon 44647 that.

Medical decision making she might or might not lose as he could have a living will and Galloway OH wife swapping power of attorney. I have my father's medical decision making even though my mother is still alive. I want to know the real reason they did this.

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I'm not sure they'll tell us swappinh truth. They may have hoped no one would Galloway OH wife swapping. Go to CJ's page and see the impact. This is a freaking bombshell, even though I realize that in reality it doesn't change the family, but it's just controversial enough and again, right out Fuck buddy Newton Poppleford the Big Love Playbook.

People are freakin'.

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The Gosselin divorce announcement brought in the highest ratings TLC had ever had to swappijg point. The Browns could be hoping to repeat that magic trick. The high numbers won't hold but it could earn them a Galloway OH wife swapping bonus. This is one of the more dramatic and curious Brown developments in quite a while!

I agree with others that this could definitely have Galloway OH wife swapping done for ratings. As someone mentioned Horny Corona girls chat the comments of CJ's blog, Galloway OH wife swapping swappping of when the news and documents got leaked coincides with the weekend without a Sister Wives episode.

If they seriously did this to keep viewers tuned in, they must swwpping have much self-respect. However, I do tend to think there is merit to the thought it could be a custody thing with Robyn's kids.

Or, I don't know if Meri becoming legally single would have an impact on her financial aid for school for herself? As someone who spent over 5 hours today filling out college aid swappong 7 schools with 4 separate forms these colleges ask for detail that I never imagined.

I can't see how they wouldn't discover some kind of scam. Xwapping I can see the adults being cocky enough to try and scam them, Galloway OH wife swapping kids seem to be more rational.

This is iwfe crazy, never in a million years did I think Meri would give up being legal wife. There's obviously some financial or legal angle whether its gravy train show related or Robyn's kids related. Even Galloway OH wife swapping Meri is "fine" with it, it's going to be an emotional bomb to watch.

That status seemed very important to her, and its going to have massive consequences. And even if this was for a specific reason funny how Kody has married the newest play thing, Hmmm. In BL Bill married the one he liked the least but if he Galloway OH wife swapping been "forced" to marry Margene it wouldn't have escaped his notice or anyone elses that he has co incidentally married the one he Galloway OH wife swapping the most sex with. My current theory is that Robyn has not worked long enough ever to qualify for social security and she wasn't married to the ex long enough to qualify for his?

Galloway OH wife swapping

But then I realize this theory is predicated on Kody actually thinking ahead Plus the theory that Doofus has any right to social security. Wkfe have to actually work and put money in to get money out.

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And it has to be over a certain number of years. I don't think the TLC gig would amount to much.