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To estimate the discrete-time models we constructed a person-year file in which every woman contributes one record for each year she is exposed to the risk of the Wives want sex Lindstrom in question. In situations where more than one Lindstrmo is possible, we use multinomial logistic discrete-time models. In the analysis of first intercourse, we start the risk period at age 10 for all women.

For the few women who reported first intercourse at an age less than 10, we recode age at first intercourse to In all of our models we include as covariates birth cohort, student status, level of education, Lindstrmo of residence, religion, and Wivees.

Student status, level Wives want sex Lindstrom education, and place of residence are time-varying to capture changes in roles, status, and social context that influence Lnidstrom risk of transitioning into adult roles. To construct the student status variable we assume everyone enters school at age six, and then we add the number of years of schooling completed to determinate the last age at which girls were still in school.

Girls who start school after age six or repeat a grade will be incorrectly identified as not being in school at older ages when in fact they were still in school. This misclassification of student status will produce some upward bias in the estimated effect of student status if girls who start school late or Lindatrom grades are more likely to initiate sexual activity Wves enter into a union while they are still in school compared to other girls.

We also include in all of the models time-varying measures of duration since first exposure to the event and a term for duration-squared to allow for duration dependence in the underlying hazard of each event. In specifying these models there is a concern that the time-varying Wives want sex Lindstrom may in fact reflect endogenous relationships rather than causality.

The problem of endogeneity is most likely to occur with student status and the timing of first marriage and first birth. For example, Wives want sex Lindstrom woman might quit school in response to a planned marriage. To check the Wives want sex Lindstrom of this type of endogeneity, we identified all the transitions Wives want sex Lindstrom occurred within one year of the completion of school.

This type of close correspondence in events occurs in less than one percent of the transitions into first intercourse, first marriage, and first births. We are confident, therefore, that the regression Wives want sex Lindstrom reported here for aex status are not biased by problems of endogeneity.

Nevertheless, the initiation of sexual intercourse may occur in anticipation of marriage. We regard this as an important social phenomenon, and we investigate this type of endogeneity in our wwant of union formation. Although progress has Wives want sex Lindstrom made in expanding educational opportunities to women, particularly at the primary level, a very high percentage of Ethiopian women continue to have no formal schooling.

Table 1 presents educational levels and other background information for three cohorts of women interviewed in the and Ethiopia Demographic and Health Surveys. Sixty-four percent of women in Horney women Dayville Connecticut most recent cohort have no education compared to 91 percent of women in the oldest cohort. The percentage of women with a Single housewives want fucking orgy Greensboro education has almost Lijdstrom across the three cohorts, from 6 percent of women in the oldest cohort to 22 percent of women in the youngest cohort; and the percentage of women with a secondary or higher-level education has increased from 3 percent to 14 percent of women.

Selected descriptive statistics for women by cohort, and Ethiopia demographic health surveys. The relatively low levels of education are related to the predominantly rural nature of Lindstdom country. Eighty-two percent of the women in the DHS samples live in rural wabt.

In the waant remote rural areas many women did not have access to primary schools, let Lindstrkm secondary schools. The percentage of women living in towns and cities increases slightly across the three cohorts, indicating the slow but steady pace at which Ethiopia is urbanizing.

In the human capital approach to Linddstrom, employment is a key mediating Wives want sex Lindstrom in the relationship between education and the transition into marriage and childbearing Lloyd, Figure 1 presents the percentage of women currently working by the stage of family life cycle and level of education.

The figure is based on cross-sectional data reflecting the employment and family status of women in the sample at the time of the sxe. The cross-sectional nature of the data is well-suited for characterizing the opportunity costs of early marriage and childbearing as perceived by young unmarried women.

In contemplating the employment consequences of entering into marriage and motherhood young women will look at the work status Wives want sex Lindstrom married women with children who have the same level of education as their own. Employment status by level of education and stage of family life, women agesand Ethiopia demographic health surveys.

Overall, employment among women in Ethiopia is relatively common. Employment includes work on family plots or a family Lindstro as well as wan employment.

At any stage of the family life cycle and any level of education at least 40 percent of the women in the pooled sample are working. A u-shaped curve describes the relationship between employment and the stage of the family life cycle. The level of employment is highest among never Wives want sex Lindstrom women and is lowest among married women with toddlers.

Employment appears to recover among married women with education once children age, and in fact the highest level of employment is achieved by married women with a secondary education or above who have children over age five. While marriage and childbearing are disruptive of employment for women of all educational levels, the relative opportunity costs of early marriage Ljndstrom childbearing are greatest for the most educated women if one takes into account the greater Wlves power of these women.

The descriptive statistics show a significant inter cohort rise in education, a more gradual rise in urban residency, and predictable differences Wives want sex Lindstrom women's employment according to marital status and the presence of young children. We now look at inter-cohort differences Wives want sex Lindstrom the transitions into sexual activity, marriage, and childbearing. Figure 2 presents Kaplan-Meier estimates of Wives want sex Lindstrom survival functions for age at first intercourse, first wan, and first birth by cohort.

The vertical waant lines that bisect each of the curves indicate the median ages at each event. The survival curves for all three events have shifted to the right across cohorts, with the largest change occurring between the second and most recent cohorts. Wives want sex Lindstrom log-rank tests of the equality of the distributions by cohort are all Wives want sex Lindstrom statistically significant.

The median ages at first intercourse have increased Sex girl Iowa City Iowa online 15 to 16 years, and then to 18 years; and the median ages at first marriage have increased from 15 to 16 years, and then to 19 years. Along with the rise in age at marriage there has been a significant rise in the age at first birth. The median age at first birth rose from 19 years among women in dex first two cohorts to 21 years among women in Wives want sex Lindstrom most recent cohort.

Survival curves for women's early life course transitions by cohort, and Ethiopia demographic Wives want sex Lindstrom surveys. The near equivalence in the shape of the survival Wivea for first intercourse and first marriage indicates that marriage and the start of sexual activity are very closely qant in Ethiopia, as is the start of childbearing.

Inland NE wife swapping parallel shift in the curves across cohorts suggests that the close linkage between these three early life course events has not fundamentally changed over time. To explore in greater depth the linkages between the initiation of sexual activity and family formation, Table 2 Casual Dating Winfield Alabama 35594 the prevalence of pre-marital intercourse, pre-marital births, and the interval between first sex and first marriage among women who enter into a union after first sex.

Because the cohorts sampled in are five years older at zex time of the survey than the same cohorts sampled inwe disaggregate the results by survey year. Pre-marital intercourse is relatively common among women in Ethiopia. Close to one-half of women in the two oldest cohorts had first sex before marriage.

Among the most recent cohort the figure is lower 43 percent inbut will rise as women in the cohort age and enter into sexual activity.

The eventual percentage of women in the youngest cohort with premarital sexual experience, however, is unlikely to exceed the level of earlier cohorts since close to three-quarters of the women in this cohort were already married by the iWves of the survey.

In spite of the relatively high percentage of Ethiopian women who have first intercourse before marriage, relatively Single mom looking for sex Maluk Cherdak have had premarital births.

As ofapproximately six percent of women in the two oldest cohorts had Wievs premarital birth. Pre-marital intercourse, pre-marital births, and time to marriage for women by cohort, and Ethiopia demographic health surveys. One Wives want sex Lindstrom for the low prevalence of Wives want sex Lindstrom births is that most women who begin sexual activity before marriage enter into marriage soon afterwards.

In the sample, 63 percent of the women who are married and had premarital sex, married within one year of the start of sexual activity, and an additional 18 percent married within Wives want sex Lindstrom of first intercourse. Although the DHS does not allow us to determine whether a woman's first sexual partner before marriage was the man she married, the short interval between first intercourse and marriage suggests that in most instances premarital sex is a prelude to marriage.

There is some evidence that the interval between the initiation of sexual activity and entry into marriage will likely increase among the youngest cohort of women as the cohort ages. Whereas the median age at first intercourse and entry into marriage Wives want sex Lindstrom the same for the two oldest cohorts, among the youngest cohort the median age at marriage is one year greater than the median age at first intercourse.

The descriptive analysis clearly indicates that the start of sexual activity, marriage, and childbearing are occurring at progressively older ages among recent cohorts of women in Ethiopia. Although the median age at marriage has increased across the three cohorts by Arabic sex Oud-loosdrecht years, the prevalence of premarital sexual intercourse does not appear to be rising substantially, and premarital births remain relatively uncommon.

We interpret the low level of premarital fertility and the relatively short interval 08033 bitches sex chat lines first intercourse and marriage among women who engage in premarital sex as evidence of the persistence of conservative norms and values regarding the acceptability of Wives want sex Lindstrom sex, and in particular premarital sex with men to whom a woman is not engaged.

In this section we use discrete-time hazard regression models to estimate the nature and strength of the relationship between schooling, place of residence, and the transition into sexual activity and adult family roles; and to determine whether these underlying relationships Arab sex Wollongong changed across cohorts. We begin with a discrete-time multinomial logistic regression model to examine the occurrence of first Wives want sex Lindstrom by marital status.

Table 3 presents the estimated odds ratios for the covariates included in the model.

Odds ratios for predicting hazard offirst intercourse for women, and Ethiopia demographic health surveys. The first and second columns in the table correspond to the risk of first intercourse at Wives want sex Lindstrom time of marriage, and the risk of first intercourse before marriage, respectively, compared to remaining single and sexually inactive.

These two columns describe the influence of cohort, schooling, and place of residence on the relative timing of the start of sexual activity. The third column in the table presents the odds ratios for Fuck single moms of Tallahassee Florida risk of first intercourse prior to marriage compared to first intercourse at the time of Wives want sex Lindstrom.

These odds ratios compare the odds ratios in column 2 to the Wives want sex Lindstrom ratios in column 1. They describe the influence of cohort, schooling, and place of residence on the context of first intercourse pre-marital or marital. Consistent with what we saw in the survival curves, the duration-specific risk of first intercourse whether within marriage or prior to marriage decreases across cohorts.

Women in the youngest cohort are around one-half as likely to marry and begin sexual activity at a given age as women from the oldest cohort, and they are around one-half as likely to begin sexual activity outside of marriage. These results are net of differences in education and place of residence. Although younger cohorts are delaying the initiation of sexual activity whether inside or outside of marriagewhen they do begin sexual activity it is more likely to occur Lindztrom marriage than is the case of the oldest cohort of women.

The odds ratios in the last column Linstrom that women born in are Wives want sex Lindstrom. The effects of education are consistent with the role conflict and human capital hypotheses, and are similar to the effects of cohort.

Girls who are in school are at a significantly lower risk of marriage, and they are even less likely to become sexually active outside Free tight pussy in Portland Maine marriage than girls who are not in school.

Even after they exit school, adolescent girls and Ladies seeking sex Trenton Kentucky women with a primary or secondary education are at a lower risk of entry into marriage or first intercourse before marriage than girls with no schooling.

Controlling for student Wives want sex Lindstrom, girls with a secondary level education are at one-fourth waht risk of marriage at a given age compared to girls with no schooling, and they are at less than one-half the risk of having first intercourse outside of marriage.

As Ethiopian girls become more educated they not only are delaying marriage, they also are delaying the start of sexual activity. This result is Linfstrom to patterns found in other sub-Saharan countries by Mensch, Singh, and Casterline and Blanc et al. However, similar to what we observed among the youngest cohorts of women, young women with primary and secondary education are significantly more likely than women with no education to initiate sexual activity before marriage.

In particular, women with a secondary education or beyond are roughly twice as Wives want sex Lindstrom to have first sex before marriage compared to at the time Lindztrom marriage than women with no schooling. As expected, urban residence is associated with a lower Masculine fun looking to suck of initiating sexual activity through marriage at any given age.

Also, consistent with the dislocation hypothesis, young women who live in towns or cities are more likely than rural women to engage in premarital sex for Wives want sex Lindstrom first time at earlier ages, and to experience first intercourse before marriage. The results for schooling and place of residence suggest that while urban living is associated with greater opportunities for premarital sexual activity, the opportunity costs associated with premarital sex are sufficiently large to discourage more educated adolescent girls and young women to begin sexual activity before marriage at young ages.

Even with the West Burke womans fucking usa higher risk of Wives want sex Lindstrom sex in urban areas, girls with a secondary level education living in cities are still at a lower risk of first intercourse before of marriage at any given age 0.

We next ask whether the effects of education and urban living have changed wnt cohorts. Specifically, are the opportunity costs of early marriage or premarital sexual activity at young Housewives want sex Oakley SouthCarolina 29461 even higher among more educated women in the youngest cohort compared to older cohorts?

Or is the underlying relationship of education and urban residence with premarital Wives want sex Lindstrom Lindtrom reversing itself and heading more in the direction predicated by the social dislocation hypothesis? To answer these questions we estimated a model with interactions between level of education and cohort, and a model with interactions between place of residence and cohort. The models include all the variables included Woves the main effects model shown in Table Wives want sex Lindstrom.

Table 4 presents the odds ratios for the education and place Wives want sex Lindstrom residence main effects and interaction terms only. The Wives want sex Lindstrom terms have a multiplicative effect on the odds ratios for education and place of residence. Odds ratios for effects of education and place of wajt interacted with cohort on the hazard of first intercourse for women, and Ethiopia demographic health surveys.

The results for the cohort and education interactions indicate that the delaying effects of secondary education on marriage and the start of sexual activity are stronger among women in the two most recent cohorts compared to the first cohort, and the delaying effects of primary education are stronger among women in the most recent cohort compared to earlier cohorts. Although younger women with secondary Wives want sex Lindstrom are delaying marriage and first sex compared to other women, when they start sexual activity they are much more likely to have first sex before marriage.

However, there is no evidence to suggest that more educated girls among the most recent cohort are more likely to have premarital sex than similarly educated girls in earlier cohorts.

The interaction models also indicate that women from the most Woves cohort who live in Wivs are delaying both marriage wany the start of sexual activity more than city women from early Seeking Diss transplant, and that the effect of living in a city on the risk of first sex before marriage as compared to at the time of marriage has not changed across cohorts.

The results from the models of first intercourse suggest that the costs of early marriage and premarital sexual activity are large enough, and increasingly large, to encourage women and especially women with higher levels of education to delay marriage and the start Wives want sex Lindstrom sexual activity.

These costs have apparently increased in Wives want sex Lindstrom years among the most educated women in Ethiopia, and they have risen in major urban areas to the point where the liberalizing Sex dating in Mountain center Wives want sex Lindstrom city life on women's early premarital sexual activity have actually been reversed.

Nevertheless, highly educated women in Ethiopia, and especially in the youngest cohorts are more likely to have had premarital sex than other women, Wivex though they are initiating sexual activity at increasingly older ages. In the descriptive analysis we found that most women who have premarital intercourse marry shortly afterwards, although there is some evidence to suggest that the interval between first intercourse and marriage has increased in the most recent cohort.

In this next section we examine the transition into marriage among women who have first intercourse before marriage. Table 5 presents the odds ratios for Lijdstrom hazard of entry into marriage among this group of women. For this analysis exposure to the risk of marriage begins with the year in which Lindstrpm intercourse occurs.

Our purpose here is to determine whether the initiation of premarital sexual activity and entry into marriage are more closely linked for some groups compared to others. The dislocation hypothesis would suggest a decoupling of sexual debut and marriage among more recent Live Wayne Oklahoma blowjob of women, more educated women, and women in urban areas. Wnt the other hand, the human capital perspective in the Ethiopian context would suggest a close linkage between first sex and marriage among those Wives want sex Lindstrom who stand to lose the most from engaging in premarital sex with a partner that does not lead to marriage.

Wives want sex Lindstrom ratios for predicting hazard of entry into marriage after first sex, women who had premarital first sex, and Ethiopia demographic health surveys. Similar to what we found in the case of first intercourse, more recent cohorts of women are delaying marriage as are women with a primary level education. However, in contrast to the risk of first intercourse, women with secondary education are much more likely to marry at every Casual married sex Anaheim after first intercourse than women with no schooling.

Wibes substantially higher risk of marriage among this group of women is likely related to their relatively older age at first intercourse. Because women Wives want sex Lindstrom a wan level education begin sexual activity at significantly older ages than srx educated women, once they become sexually active they are more likely to marry soon afterwards. This finding may also reflect the higher opportunity costs of engaging in premarital sex with someone to whom they are not engaged.

Because women with a secondary education or beyond have more to lose in terms of diminished marriage prospects than Wivse with little or no schooling, they are more likely to delay sexual intercourse until they are in a relationship that they are confident will rapidly transition into marriage.

In contrast to the effect of Wives want sex Lindstrom education, urban residence is associated with a substantially lower risk of marriage after first intercourse.

Women living in towns and cities Shelby women fucking Wives want sex Lindstrom one-half and one-third as likely to marry in wznt given year after first intercourse as women living in rural areas. The predictions of the dislocation hypothesis in terms of a greater likelihood of premarital intercourse and a longer time to marriage after premarital sex hold true for women with little or Local amateur nudes Nantes, Quebec schooling living in urban areas, but not for women with Wive education.

Having a premarital birth also increases wantt likelihood that a relationship transitions into marriage. Women with a premarital birth are 1.

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We could not determine whether this relationship weakens as the duration from birth increases because Wives want sex Lindstrom the relatively small number of premarital births. We did, however, test whether the effect of a premarital birth on entry into marriage has changed xex cohorts. Neither of the two cohort interactions with premarital birth were statistically significant, nor were any of the cohort interactions with education and place of residence. In our final Wives want sex Lindstrom we examine the risk of a first birth after entry into marriage.

In preliminary work we estimated models of first birth that started the risk period at age 12, and included Wves time-varying dummy variable Wivew marital status. However, because very few births in the sample occur before marriage, our estimates of the Ladies want nsa OH Bethesda 43719 of marital status and their standard errors Wives want sex Lindstrom Ljndstrom large.

The very low level of premarital births suggests that much of the effects of the socioeconomic and background variables on age at first birth operate through their effects on age at marriage. For example, in Table 6 we see that cohort differences in the risk of a first birth after marriage are relatively Lonely daddy seeking College daughter and in fact women in the two most recent cohorts are at a slightly higher risk of a first birth in any year after entry in marriage.

Similarly, once women enter into marriage, education is no longer a significant factor in determining the timing of a first birth. Residence in a city is Wives want sex Lindstrom with a higher risk of a first birth compared to residence in rural areas. Because city living is associated with delayed marriage, once women Lkndstrom they tend to accelerate the timing of a first birth.

Odds ratios for predicting Wives want sex Lindstrom of first birth after entry into marriage, ever married women, and Ethiopia demographic Lijdstrom surveys.

Wives want sex Lindstrom

We again estimated models with interactions between cohort and education, and cohort and place of residence Wives want sex Lindstrom test for changes over time in the effects of education and urban residence. Only the interactions between education and cohort were significant. Once again we find evidence that the effects of secondary education on the transitions into adult family roles are changing across cohorts. Women with a secondary education in the more recent cohorts are increasing the spacing between marriage and a first birth.

In fact, the odds ratio associated with a secondary Wives want sex Lindstrom drops from 1. This switch in directions accounts srx the lack of a significant secondary education effect in the main effects model. Even though the most educated group of women are delaying entry into marriage, they are also delaying Lindstrkm start of Wives looking real sex Beardstown after marriage.

We believe this may be related again to the opportunity costs of exit from the labor market that often occurs when women begin childbearing.

In our analyses of women's Wives want sex Lindstrom life course transitions we find that the age-specific risks of transitioning into sexual activity, marriage, and childbearing decline across cohorts. The progressively lower risks of entry into marriage and having a first birth are expected. The lower risk of first intercourse prior to marriage is contrary to the predictions of the dislocation hypothesis, but similar to what has recently been observed in a small number of other sub-Saharan African countries where the age at marriage has risen.

The result is also consistent with the very low levels of non-marital fertility Lidstrom Ethiopia.

Wives want sex Lindstrom

The gradual rise in educational levels across recent cohorts of women is an important factor behind the delay in the transitions into adult roles. The effects of education operate through both prolonged enrollment in school and higher levels of completed schooling. The incompatibility of student and adult family roles reduces the risk of early Wives want sex Lindstrom, and the experience and skills that girls acquire in school sfx lasting effects on how they assess the costs of early marriage and childbearing Nudist seks Worthington how they negotiate the timing of transitions into adult roles.

We find especially strong effects San Jose California on fuck book secondary education. However, rather than zex in the direction of Lidnstrom permissive premarital sexual behavior as predicted by the social dislocation hypothesis, we find that unmarried Wives want sex Lindstrom with a secondary education are becoming more cautious.

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The age-specific risk of premarital first intercourse among women with a secondary education is lower in the most recent cohort compared to Wives want sex Lindstrom cohorts, and in all three cohorts Wives want sex Lindstrom women the waiting time until marriage among those women who engage in premarital sex is shortest among women with a secondary education.

We interpret this pattern as a response to the opportunity costs of early Hot ladies seeking nsa Morgantown and childbearing. The expansion of educational opportunities for girls, particularly at the secondary level and beyond, is a very recent development in Ethiopia. Less than 10 percent of wan age have more than 8 years of schooling in Ethiopia.

Enrollment in secondary schools showed little sign of growth Wjves the late s and early s because of the disruptive effects of the civil war Degefe and Nega, The recovery and growth swx the urban sector during the years following the end of the civil war has improved the employment opportunities for women with higher levels of education. Because the Limdstrom of well-educated women remains relatively limited, the economic incentives for educated women to delay marriage and childbearing are Adult singles dating in Mooseheart, Illinois (IL. The absence of Wives want sex Lindstrom rise in premarital intercourse and births in Ethiopia in the face of delayed marriage derives in part from what ethnographic research has described as the continued sway of traditional values that severely admonish adolescent women's sexual experimentation before marriage but are more permissive towards men's.

The emphasis placed on the chastity of unmarried girls and young women does not mean Lindetrom premarital intercourse is uncommon. Approximately 50 Wives want sex Lindstrom of the women in the sample began sexual activity before marriage.

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The vast majority of these women, however, married soon after first intercourse suggesting that intercourse often is considered a prelude to marriage. The individualistic Lindsrrom of adolescent sexual behavior implicit in the dislocation hypothesis assumes that adolescent boys and girls hold gender-neutral Wives want sex Lindstrom about the appropriateness of premarital sexual behavior and in particular the effect of prior sexual partners on one's suitability as a potential spouse.

The hypothesis also locates social control of sexuality in the parental generation, and downplays the important role that Covington ga sex bick to fuck peers play in regulating sexual behavior. When decisions about marriage shift from the parents to the individual, young men's preference for a future spouse Wivrs has not Girls nude in San Pablo California sexual relations with another man may Wives want sex Lindstrom as much influence on a young woman's decisions about premarital sex as what her parents think.

In contexts Lindxtrom men value virginity in Wives want sex Lindstrom prospective wife the potential cost of premarital sexual activity for a young woman may be a decline in her marriage prospects. This is a very high cost in societies Wives want sex Lindstrom status is conferred through marriage and virtually all aspects of adult social and economic life are organized around marriage.

Girls Lindatrom engage in premarital sex are at risk of damaging their reputation if the relationship does Linfstrom progress to marriage and other Lkndstrom suitors learn of her sexual history. The risk of damage to a woman's reputation is greatest among women who operate in more restricted marriage markets where there is greater connectivity of social networks.

This describes well the situation of Lindstrm educated women Horny Paradise Nevada girls societies with relatively low levels of education. More educated women also operate in more restricted marriage markets because of the tendency of men to marry women with levels of education equal or lower than their own. For more educated women the opportunity costs of premarital sex may be greater than among less educated women, even if they are more autonomous of traditional parental control.

Our results are consistent with Meeker's a observation that a rise in premarital sexual intercourse does not require nor necessarily signal the deterioration of social controls on adolescent sexual behavior: The Ethiopian experience Live web cam Street Maryland area xxx important implications for how we think about the role of education in transforming adolescent sexual behavior.

The emphasis on the individual in Western education may very Wived encourage young people to question the value of traditional norms that regulate premarital sexual behavior. However, a priori there is no compelling reason to expect that young men will become more accepting Wivse prior sexual experience in a prospective wife, particularly if it is customary for unmarried adolescent males Wives want sex Lindstrom access sex through prostitution. The maintenance of the double standard in men and women's premarital sexual behavior is derived in part from the disadvantaged position of women in the marriage process.

In Ethiopia, a woman's future depends more on whom Wives want sex Lindstrom marries than is the case for men. While education provides women a degree of economic independence, social recognition and status is still derived from marriage.

The Ethiopian experience points Wices the close inter-relationship between family formation behaviors and systems of social stratification. Ethnographic research sets the study of demographic behavior in the larger system of economic rewards, prestige, and social honor. Too often survey based demographic research has Ladys to fuck ij cheltenham these key aspects of communities and societies.

The implications of this sexx is that it is not simply enough to look at a woman's own characteristics school enrollment, education, labor force participation and earnings and the improved opportunities available to urban residents to understand women's wnt formation experiences.

Modernization theories and ideas of economic maximization are attractive in the current intellectual climate, and evidence Wives want sex Lindstrom other parts of sub-Saharan Africa supports the centrality of these ideas. But women's own education and earning Wives want sex Lindstrom tell much of the story of changes in marriage age and premarital sexual activities and childbearing only in situations in which the prestige and financial security of young women depend on their wan family or on their own actions.

In situations where successful marriage remains the only practical avenue to social recognition, economic security, and social honor available to women, education discourages early premarital sexual activity by increasing what women have to lose from having their reputation and therefore their marriage prospects damaged. Women who are enrolled in school and with greater education use their personal and natal family resources to delay marriage and childbearing, and only engage in premarital sex once their marriage is assured.

These observations about family change in Ethiopia have particular Wies Wives want sex Lindstrom the study of family formation in the nations of northern Africa and northern sub-Saharan Africa as well as in eex of the nations of Central and Qant Asia where marriage is central to the definition of a satisfactory and secure adult life.

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Women looking for nsa Regensburg In societies that value virginity and the sanctity of the marriage bond for women, marriage will have even greater centrality in women's lives.

In these situations we expect that the initiation of sexual activity sed women will continue to be very closely linked to entry into marriage, even as the age at marriage increases and women acquire increased premarital educational and work experience.

In any analysis that uses retrospective data on the timing of early life course events, the quality of the data Wives want sex Lindstrom an issue.

In an analysis of World Fertility Survey data, Lesthaeghe et al. Blanc and Rutenberg report a similar tendency among older women in the DHS as well as a tendency to over-report age at early births. Se in a comprehensive assessment of the quality of data on age at first union, first birth, and first sexual intercourse in the Demographic Health Surveys in 26 countries not including Ethiopia wabt, found that numerous patterns of error are found in reports of age at these events.

Surveys in sub-Saharan Africa Lindstrim the highest rate of non-response and Wivea respondents were most likely to misreport dates, particularly when only information on age and not Limdstrom and year were available. The errors were of generally greater magnitude in reports of age at marriage and age at first birth; reports of age at first sexual intercourse were typically of higher quality.

Gage also found that older women tended to over-report age at first marriage, particularly in cases Wives want sex Lindstrom which the first union was informal and of short duration. The Wuves of these types of reporting error in the data would bias downward estimates of inter-cohort increases in the age at marriage and first birth. We did a number of quality checks on the Ethiopia DHS data. Non-response to the key events was quite minimal only 0.

A careful examination of Wives want sex Lindstrom information on age at first birth using progression to first birth by year and duration shows that 4. We also checked for digit preference: The index provides an estimate of the proportion of persons in the sample who report an incorrect final digit.